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Prosperity 101 Podcast hosted by Linda J Hansen

Mar 10, 2020

At their first meeting, this gentleman so amazed Linda with his vitality, experience, knowledge, and wisdom that she asked for an on-the-spot interview to capture his infectious personality for our podcast audience. 

Pharmacist Gilbert (Gill) Wiese is the owner of Wiese Pharmacy & Natural Food Products Shoppe in Jacksonville, Florida. He is 85-years young, still goes to work every day, runs marathons, and gets involved in politics. Whew! Just try to keep up with him!  You will be amazed at his energy.

Thankfully, he still uses that energy and wisdom to make a positive difference as he works to educate employees and others on the benefits and responsibilities of living in our free country. His decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with his passion for natural and integrative health practices, has led to unique perspectives on politics and public policy. In addition, an unexpected but insightful comment from a young pharmacy intern exemplifies why employee education regarding the foundations of our prosperity is critically important, especially at this time in our nation’s history.  

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